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Project: Team Work provides deconstruction for today's environmentally-conscious contractors.

   Project: Team Work is a public benefit 501(c)(3) charitable and educational non-profit organization. We provide residential & medium commercial deconstruction & recycling/re-use consultation services to redistribute building materials and supplies for needy families and for the charitable organizations who serve the low-income community.
   Project: Team Work is the pioneer in the field of providing free reusable deconstruction materials and skills development for underprivileged individuals and for promoting construction/demolition waste reduction to preserve our valuable natural resources.
   We have proudly served Northern California communities since 1993.
Call 925-210-7432 for more information.
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By recycling and reusing ALL of your deconstruction materials, we can generate a substantial tax reduction benefit for the building owner. We also provide all of the required documentation and helpful administrative assistance.
As of March 2009, we have begun to ship some of our salvaged materials to Mexico. Project: Team Work will help rebuild community facilities in the most poverty stricken neighborhoods. Local volunteers will help with the "barnraising."
Statistics suggest that, on the average, EACH active building contractor in the S.F. East Bay Area alone, generates over 95 tons of "needlessly landfilled construction debris EVERY YEAR."
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